Reduce funding costs
Reduce credit control costs
No trade credit insurance costs
No bad debts
No provision for bad debts

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Opportunity Costs

What will you do with the cash?
How much extra profit would you gain out of having extra cash?
What would you invest in?

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You sleep better at night knowing you have virtually no debtor risks
Comfort of being able to meet Key Creditors including all tax obligations, rent and wages and salaries
De-risks’ debtor portfolio

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If you want to convert your debtor ledgers into cash with peace of mind and without concern feel free to contact us to discuss in more detail

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Who we are

CreditWorks have developed and designed a unique financial services product that purchases 100% of your debtors on a non recourse and non disclosed basis.

This will provide you with cashflow certainty and allow you to drive growth in your core Business activities

What we offer

  • Debtors Funding (paid in full) on the 5th working day (or by negotiation) of each new month after sales 
  • Receivables paid in full (less commission) 
  • No Bad debts for the Merchant 
  • The Debtor book is managed by professionals 
  • Credit Limits assigned to each debtor rather than to the Merchant