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This is now a well utilised reporting option for many of you. Being able to get a report on not only the company, but all its directors as part of the same enquiry, minimises the time previously taken in exiting the Company Report site, and entering the Consumer details separately. Accessing information on the company and all it’s directors in the same enquiry means the cost of the report works out cheaper! There is only one small fixed cost to view information on all the directors within the company enquiry versus paying for an enquiry per director. Click on Company Extra on the left hand side of the Credit Details screen to access this report.

Set & Forget

We have upgraded this useful monitoring tool. To make it more user friendly, you can now set up your entire ledger to be watched for breaches of parameters you pre-set. Before you had to insert the information manually on each individual account, now you can activate a choice of 5 watch options on all your accounts by just clicking the box!

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