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CreditWorks Financial Solutions

CreditWorks Financial Solutions (CFS) is the latest addition to the CreditWorks Group of companies.

CFS has been established to launch a new and innovative Debtor Solution product that is tailored to assist medium and larger sized companies that want to convert their debtor ledgers into cash and in turn increase working capital. We aim to offer peace of mind,  without concern and that will assist our client’s business growth and value significantly.


The CreditWorks Group was established in 1998 by Ronnie Tan and a dedicated team that believed there should be more transparency in the credit referencing industry. This desire led to New Zealand’s first positive trade debtor data (positive data), commercial credit reporting system CRISworks.

“Positive data credit reporting provides a complete credit history allowing businesses to make wiser, more informed credit decisions. At CreditWorks we believe that knowledge is power and through CRISworks we deliver that knowledge.

Having established CreditWorks as a market leader for debtor reporting and management since inception, we have identified the need to introduce a product that assists medium and larger size business to convert their debtor ledger into cash.” Ronnie Tan.

What we do

Finding the right finance solution for your business can be a time consuming and daunting task, but at CreditWorks Financial Solutions we want to make it easy and have produced a simple product which will assist your business realise its full potential.

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